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  GD0132 SOUTH CHINA SEA A 3D OPERATION OF SEISMIC COLLECTION CARRIED OUT BY M/V “VIKING Ⅱ” IN AREA BOUNDED BY (1)21°17′12.26″N 115°16′27.90″E (2)21°10′57.03″N 115°14′21.32″E (3)21°11′28.39″N 115°12′33.73″E (4)21°10′32.14″N 115°12′14.98″E (5)21°11′14.54″N 115°09′50.22″E (6)21°09′06.50″N 115°09′07.61″E (7)21°10′03.40″N 115°05′53.23″E (8)21°11′44.26″N 115°06′26.75″E (9)21°12′15.66″N 115°04′39.17″E (10)21°09′02.10″N 115°03′34.86″E (11)21°10′12.15″N 114°59′34.97″E (12)21°21′04.04″N 115°03′12.27″E FROM 24 JUL. TO 29 AUG. THE VESSEL TOWING 8 CABLES LENGTH 5.1KM AN ORANGE VISUAL BUOY WITH RADAR REFLECTOR AT THE CABLE END FLASHING STRONG WHITE LIGHT AT NIGHT SPEED 3.5-5.0KTS SIGNAL LIGHTS AND SHAPES WILL BE EXHIBITED CROSSING THE CABLE AREA PROHIBITED GUANGDONG M.S.A.CHINA