【Weekly】Anglo Eastern goes direct to seafarers in Shanghai

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Hong Kong shipmanager aims to improve itsofferings on Chinese-crewed ships through a joint venture with its favouriteChina-based manning company.

A new joint venture — Anglo-Eastern Sinoship Ship Management Shanghai — was unveiled in Shanghai this week by partners Anglo Eastern Univan and management of Shanghai Sinoship Seafarer Management, which is headed by chairman Zhang Chuodi.

The crewing start-up will have about 15 ships right away and aims to grow quickly to take advantage of demand for cost-efficient Chinese seafarers.

“We’re going to have 20 to 25 ships by the end of this year,” Peter Cremers of Anglo Eastern Univan told TradeWinds.

“We will fly very high very quickly.”

First to be crewed up are established customers of Anglo Eastern, mostly New York and European-based bulker fleets but also including a Chinese-controlled capesize operated from Singapore.

Chinese crewing, specifically in cases where owners have ships under Hong Kong flag frequently trading to China, offers cost advantages that can make a difference in a bad market, and Anglo Eastern wants to maximise those advantages by going directly to its Chinese seafarer pool, not through agents.

“The main point is that we will take direct control,” Cremers said. “We want to have the same loyalty, the same people coming back, the same spirit that we have with the other nationalities we employ.”

The joint venture ends a two-year survey of possible partners. Control by a foreign partner was made possible under Shanghai special economic zone rules.






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