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自从上次发了英文版,好多人都在后台给小编留言说看不懂啊看不懂,又都非常想为这位帅气的女海员打call,所以体贴的小编特别的请作者翻译成了中文版,让大家更了解她——EAGLE STAR李俐力。

    大家好,我叫李俐力,今年27岁,毕业于马来西亚海事学院,现在任职于EAGLE STAR的二副,已经持有大副证书,并且通过了船长笔试。

    我先介绍下自己,我从17岁起加入公司—EAGLE STAR,这是一个由AET 和MISC合并组成的公司,与马来西亚最大的LNG公司一起引领着马来西亚的经济。整个船队有142条船,包括原油船,成品油船,动态定位系统船,超油船,液态天然气船,液化石油气船。是提供安全、高质量、全面的海洋运输和专业石油服务的全球最大的石油公司,当然我也很自豪能成为其中一员。








Hello Everyone, I am Li Lili,27 years old, graduated from ALAM and currently holding the rank of Second Officer in Eaglestar Group.

I am already holding the Chief Officer’s Certificate of Competency (CoC) and passed Master’s CoC written examinations I would like to introduce the company thatI joined it since 17 years old.

Eaglestar, a company integrated with AET Ship Management, the first CRUDE OIL SHIPPING company in USA, together with MISC which the biggest LNG shipping company in Malaysia lead the Malaysia economy, with this integration of both companies, they have a combinedfleet of around 150 crude oil and product ships, dynamic positioning tankers, VLCC,LNG,LNG floaters, LPG, offshore facilitiesto deliver safe, high quality and comprehensive ocean transportation and specialist petroleum services to the world’s largest oil companies,I am definitely very proud to be one member of this company.

Irememberone sentence that “How deeply we think, how far we can go.”When I was young I told my father said I want to be a female seafarer to drive the ship and travel around the world, he laughed at me and said: “Oh my little baby girl, who will let the girl drive the ship,don’t think about that.”But now I can proudly stand in front of him say that: “I did it.”I literally piloted and monitored the ship to USA, South America, Cape of Good Hope,Asia and many more place which only can read from the book.I also proved what the famous ADIDAS slogan: NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!

My last ship, with a total 28 people on board, Iam the only female onboard which of course is not the first time already.This is the male industry, for femalewho want to work in this industry and share the workloadwith themmust put indouble or even triple the effort or more to prove your Senior Officers that you can do it.No doubt there will be a lot of inconveniences and difficulties,but if your Perseveranceand Mental Strengthis tough enough,for sure you can overcome all of these problems, Perseverance can sometimes proved to be the equal genius in its results. In order to succeed in this industry as a female, you must be able to do the same duties and job scopes as the male crew, there will not be any special preferential treatment for you just because you are a female. 

One thing I always enjoy while onboard the ship is that if you are keeping4-8 watch, you can enjoy looking at the sunrise and sunset, with one cup of tea or coffee on hand and enjoy the magical creativity of nature, this to me is the most amazing thing in the world.

The best point I like working as a seafarer is that my workplace is just 5 minutes walk from my cabin, not like working in office where you need to wake up one hour before catching the trains and facing the traffic jam.

There is a lot of physical and mental strength when you work onboard, A professional mariner must know how to release your pressure, keep communicating to all crew of different nationalities with different cultures,do some sports or go to the gymnasium room, treadmillmachine and boxing will let you sweat out your stress.Different people, different style; for me I like yoga and bamboo flute, which can be practiced in your own cabin and release My pressure.

Knowing and having the ability to stand on your own onboard a ship in terms of knowledge, skills and capabilities is definitely the most important key to succeeding in this industry whether you are a male or female. 


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